Deputy Head (Pastoral)Mr Phil Wise, Deputy Head, Pastoral

Pastoral Care

The care and support that every pupil receives at Blue Coat means that your child will be encouraged within a nurturing environment that enables him or her to grow in confidence and develop as an individual.

Houses and Tutor Groups

The school’s pastoral structure is based around the tutorial system within the framework of four houses: Aldworth, Hall, Malthus and Rich. Your child will be part of a tutor group that is overseen by a member of staff who will be responsible for their well being and will personally oversee the development of their character and intellectual curiosity. The tutor will provide your first point of contact as parents and Blue Coat takes great pride in the strong partnerships that it builds between pupils, parents and staff. Each tutor is also part of a year group, which is in the charge of a Head of Year. Every year group is part of either the Lower School, Middle School or Sixth Form, each of which is led by an experienced Director. All year groups and sections are overseen by the Deputy Head, Pastoral, who provides further help and advice when needed.

At Blue Coat, our open and friendly community prides itself on mutual respect, tolerance and courtesy and all activities seek to re-enforce these values. The house system will enable your child to take part in activities that foster the development of these ideals through music, sport and drama. Students tend to become extremely attached to both their tutor group and their house. They relish all opportunities, and the enormous impact that participation and collaboration can have is extremely evident in the strong sense of community that results. It is very clear that the students at Blue Coat take a great deal of pride in the success of their peers.

Medical Care

The school provides on-site medical support through the Medical Department. The School Nurse Sister Montgomery is extremely experienced in dealing with all manner of ailments and difficulties and she is on hand throughout the school day. There is also a School Counsellor who can be seen privately and discreetly if students feel the need to talk in confidence.

Care of the individual

Blue Coat pupils are also encouraged to be aware of their place in the wider world and to show consideration for all those with whom they come into contact. These principles are based on the ideas handed down by Richard Aldworth in 1646 when the school was founded for “the education and upbringing of twenty poor male children, being the children of honest, religious poor men in the town of Reading.” While the school has obviously evolved since 1646, the idea of a school that provides a high level of care for the individual remains, and the system of pastoral care means that all pupils will be allowed to thrive and enjoy their environment.