Girls’ Sport

At Blue Coat, girls have the opportunity to represent their school in a number of different sports. We strive to accommodate all girls’ interests and if there is enough demand for a sport then we will endeavour to make this available to the girls. For those girls who do not enjoy competitive sports, we have other fun options available.


This is the most popular sport at RBCS. We are usually able to field three squads, each participating in training during the week with fixtures on a Wednesday afternoon. Many of the girls in the A- squad will have reached county or regional level and are highly competitive; those in the C-squad tend simply to enjoy the sport and being part of a team.


Some of the Blue Coat girls enjoy playing hockey in the autumn term. Training is on a Monday evening at Reading Hockey Club and is combined with the boys. There are fixtures for all girls interested in hockey, whether a novice or national player. For girls wishing to continue hockey into the spring term, mixed hockey is an option.


The summer term is a short term for the girls, with exam leave, but rounders on a Wednesday afternoon is always popular and good fun. RBCS usually hosts a rounders tournament with local independent schools and, when possible, other fixtures are organized for those keen to play.


Girls joining Blue Coat for the Sixth Form have the opportunity to learn how to row, as one of many games options. In their time at RBCS, they can progress from complete novices to competent oarswomen, and many choose to take the sport further when they leave the school, either with a club or with their university. Rowing is a popular option, as the camaraderie of the Boat House is infectious, and the challenge of learning a new skill is really exciting.

Also available: touch (rugby), athletics and yoga.