Other Sports


We try to augment the more general work of basketball in the PE curriculum by offering it as a training and competitive activity. We compete in the Berkshire school basketball league at senior level but this year we are intending to enter the same competitions at U13 and U14 level. Matches are played from the first half-term to the following half-term when play-offs places are given to the most successful teams.


Using the challenging climbing wall in the new Sports Centre at the school, climbing club takes place every week and is offered in activities for juniors and as a summer term option in games for seniors.


Last year we qualified for the regional round of the HMC foursomes and although we missed out this year we regularly tour to South Africa to compete in Independent Schools Cup at Sun City.


Although hockey is not on the sports curriculum until Year 9 in games lessons, junior players are invited to the Monday night Hockey Club evenings and play occasional fixtures against local schools such as Shiplake College and Leighton Park. Hockey is then introduced as an option for U14 and U15 boys who then play fixtures. Senior boys play regular fixtures at 1st and 2nd XI level over the first two terms. All home fixtures are played on the astroturf at the prestigious Reading Hockey Club. Blue Coat has regular county representation at all age groups.


Lacrosse is run as an activity for Year 11-13 pupils and is becoming increasingly popular with both boys and girls.


Although time is short during the summer term with examinations on the horizon, we still manage to fit in our own round-robin tournament involving four schools and play in a second tournament as well as other fixtures.


The school uses its own recently refurbished courts, as well as those of the Berkshire Sports Club over the road from the school. Whilst not a regular competitive activity we have occasional ad hoc fixtures as this is one area we are looking to develop in the future.

Blue Coat also competes at athletics, cross country and triathlon.