The School History

Reading Blue Coat School was founded in 1646 by Richard Aldworth, a merchant of The Skinners’ Company and a Governor of Christ’s Hospital.  The School was established near St Mary’s Minster Church in Reading and was known by its original historic name of Aldworth’s Hospital, providing ‘Education and bringing upp of twenty poore male children’ and for a ‘Godly and learned man to be Schoolmaster’.

Senior prefects in Blue CoatsThe original uniform was a ‘Blue Coate and Cappe’ and senior prefects wear the ancient dress of long blue coat and yellow stockings on special occasions. Pictured right are the senior prefects wearing the traditional uniform at the laying of the Foundation Stone for the Richard Aldworth Building in 2012.

In January 1947, the School moved to the magnificent estate of Holme Park in the Berkshire village of Sonning-on-Thames where it remains today.

A history of the school, “Truth Conquers All,” by Blue Coat archivist Mr Peter van Went, was published in July 2013 and is available from the School’s Reception for £6.99.