Pupils 13+

Blue Coat is predominantly an 11+ entry school, but a very small number of additional places (usually 4 or 5) are available in Year 9. Demand for these places is always extremely high, however, and parents are encouraged to discuss any potential application with a member of the Admissions team. The Admissions round for boys’ entry into Year 9 begins in September of their Year 8 and the timetable is the same as for 11+. There are three elements to the entry process:


Interviews take place on a school working day with a senior member of staff. Parents attend the interview with their son – and this is really intended as an opportunity for the school, the parents and the boy to find out whether Blue Coat would be a good fit. During this visit, boys and parents will be given a tour of the school on a working day with a Sixth Form student as a guide.

Entrance Assessments

The Entrance Assessments comprise: Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. Samples of Maths and English papers are not available, but pupils can expect questions in line with the National Curriculum. Verbal Reasoning practice papers are available to buy online or from most high street bookshops.

School Reference

Blue Coat will contact the applicant’s current school Head for a reference during the Autumn term of Year 8.

Entry for 2017 is closed

Entry for 2018 is open