Blue Coat Careers Convention 2018

We will be holding our annual Careers Convention on Thursday 22nd February in the Sports Hall.

This year, there will be more exhibitors than ever before and, for the first time, there will be a rolling programme of presentations for particular careers.

Presentations at the Careers Convention

Presentations will be taking place throughout the evening in the Dining Room.

18:15 Professor Margot Gosney – Medicine

18:25 Mr Rob Saffman – Telecoms

18:35 Ms Laura Etherington – Advertising

18:45 Mr David May – Accountancy

18:55 Mrs Jo Lightning – Corporate Law

19:05 Mrs Sarah Stam – Sales and Marketing

19:15 Mrs Kate Whelan – Human Resources

19:25 Professor Margot Gosney – Medicine

19:35 Mr Rob Saffman – Telecoms

19:45 Ms Laura Etherington – Advertising

19:55 Mr David May – Accountancy

20:05 Mrs Jo Lightning – Corporate Law

20:15 Mrs Kate Whelan – Human Resources

If you’d like more information, please contact either or .

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