RBCS Rowing Courses

The Courses

During the summer, Blue Coat is offering three week-long rowing courses, which will accommodate novices through to competent rowers. The School’s excellent rowing facilities and Thameside Boat House, which overlook the GB training ground at Caversham, will allow all participants to expand their knowledge of and skills in the sport.

The courses are open to boys and girls aged 11-16, of all abilities, and who are of a reasonable physical fitness; all participants will have to complete a swim test on the first day of their course. Each course has a maximum capacity of 40 participants.

Each course will begin at 8.30 am on the Monday, with a tour of the facility, followed by a swim test and a capsize drill. A hot lunch will be served each day at 1pm, as well as a morning and afternoon snack.

On the last day of each course, we will run a mini regatta in appropriate boats, so that everyone has a chance of taking part in a really good race.

2017 Dates of courses and regular times

17 – 21 July          –   9am-4pm

24 – 28 July          –   9am-4pm

21 – 25 August     –   9am-4pm


£250 per child per course

Term & conditions

Application dates close two weeks before the course starts. All fees must be paid in advance through the secure payment page.

Vegetarian and dietary needs can usually be met, if we are told in advance (please include details in application).

RBCS holds the right to change the activities of the course and change how the day will run. The School also holds the right to refuse an applicant without stating a reason.

If the applicant makes a cancellation, refunds will be given as follows: One month before the course starts: 75%;  two weeks before the course starts 50%;  seven days or less before the course starts: no refund.

Parental information


The head of the rowing courses has been coaching at RBCS since September 2015, and therefore understands the risks of the river and how to run a good rowing session. Although the additional coaches are not full-time members of the RBCS rowing staff, they have all obtained coaching experience from clubs or schools, and have a coaching qualification.

All of our coaches have experience of coaching boys and girls in this age group. They also have rowing experience at school and/or at university; some are still competing for their clubs or have competed at a high level in rowing and/or sculling.

Supervision and discipline

All coaches, prior to the start of each course, are thoroughly briefed on the duties, requirements and responsibilities, as well are risk assessments and how the head coach wants a session to be run.

All participants will have an enjoyable time on their week-long course. For the course to be successful it is essential that the participants follow the guidelines that are set out for them on the first day. While they are touring the facility on their first day, the participants will be told what is required of them and how they should act around the equipment that is provided. If any participants are found with cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or any illegal substance of any kind, they will immediate be taken off the course and returned home.

Safety/medical support

A risk assessment has been completed for all aspects of the course, according to the guidelines of both the school and British Rowing. Matters of safety are outlined to the staff prior to the course and to the students during their welcome on the first day on the course.

The head coach reserves the right to change or modify the activities or to cancel any activity or rowing outing if conditions are deemed to be hazardous, or if he has any other reason to do so. The head coach also reserves the right to send home any student whose behaviour  is a danger to others or themselves.

The participant will have to fill out a medical form before the course so that staff are aware of any problems that may occur during the course. There will always be at least one First Aid-trained member of staff with a group at any time. If any participant has a medical issue that is deemed concerning (such as a major injury), the emergency contact number that was provided on the application form will be called immediately.

Money and valuables

The participants are responsible for any valuables that they bring on site. Participants will not need to bring money for food or drink as these are provided as part of the course.

Contact information/contacting your child

If you have any further queries, please email rowingcourses@rbcs.org.uk.

If you need to call your child during the course, this may prove difficult as he/she may be on the water or doing an activity; we therefore recommend that you call them during the lunch period as this is when they will have access to their phones.

Booking the course

Please complete the application form

When the application form has been filled out, it will lead to a secure payment page. When you have filled out and submitted both sections, your son or daughter will be enrolled on the course.