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Schedule of Fees

2014 - 2015

Registration fee: £80

Payable on registration and non-refundable.

Deposits: £1,000

Please see the School's Terms and Conditions for information on how and when the Acceptance Deposit may be refunded.

Fees per term: £4,860

All year groups. Fees include provision of text books up to GCSE, exercise books and facilities for games.


  • Public examinations taken at GCSE and in the Sixth Form.

  • School lunches (Charged termly in advance): £3.50 per day (£4.00 per day when purchased on an ad hoc basis)

  • Instrumental lessons (10 lessons per term): £210 per term

  • Educational trips

Please see the School’s Terms and Conditions for further information about the payment of Fees and Extras.
The School’s Terms and Conditions are available on request from the Admissions Office.