Bharath – Year 9

How was your first week at Blue Coat?

It was good – really enjoyable. I didn’t get lost because I found it easy to get around. I didn’t even need the map!

Did you make any new friends?

Yes. None of my friends came to Blue Coat from my primary school, but I found it quite easy to make new friends. I met a lot of them at the induction days.

What did you enjoy most about the induction days?

The activities were fun.

How did you feel on your first day of the term?

I was a bit nervous, but I felt much better when my new friends arrived.

What did you enjoy the most about your first week at the school?

I’ve enjoy Maths and Geography the most – and playtimes and lunchtimes.

Did you try anything new?

Yes, I joined the tennis club.

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