Daniel, Year 11 Designer

When I started Reading Blue Coat School in Year 7, I was amazed at the sheer size of the grounds, how well kept they were (and still are) and how kind and welcoming everyone was. I also found the lessons very interesting and engaging and found myself enjoying my new school! Currently, I can’t wait to go on the Design Technology trip to Budapest, it sounds like it will be a fascinating and very enjoyable trip! I am into public speaking and rowing so I was elated to find out that you can do both at Reading Blue Coat School as extra-curricular activities, and I certainly enjoy doing so. My favourite subject is design and technology because it involves a lot of practical work as well as interesting product design and research. I am interested in trying golf as an activity and also the Lego robotics club. The most interesting things that I have learned about the school are that it is over 350 years old and used to be located in central Reading before it moved to Sonning!

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