The Aldworth Partnership – transformational community service

Blue Coat’s Aldworth Partnership is a student-led initiative to get every student involved in some way in community service, and thereby leave a legacy of service for future Blue Coat students to follow.

Rather than just being transactional, i.e. raising funds and giving it to a charity, the Aldworth Partnership aims to be transformational, i.e. will benefit both sides of the partnership.

The partnership exists on three levels: 
* Over-the-fence service, which any student can become involved with e.g. Primary School Outreach, Community Action
* Individual ventures and school projects, which involve smaller groups working together e.g. a sleepout
* Overseas service, which involves the most fundraising and planning and is the most life-changing e.g. Ghana Project, Worldwide Expeditions, Brass for Africa tour to Uganda

The Aldworth Partnership is being led this year by our Outreach Prefects – Ben, Kitty, Chris, Kristin, Erin and Sam.


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