Toddler to Teacher – who can you recognize?

Mrs Finucane’s Sixth Form tutor group ran a Toddler to Teacher competition in the Spring Term to raise money for Aldworth’s House charity, the Link Foundation. All staff members were invited to submit a photograph of themselves as a toddler, and then pupils were invited to match current photos of staff members with their toddler photos. The event raised more than £50 for the charity, and proved to be a lot of fun for both pupils and staff. First prize was a week of queue jumping  into lunch with two friends; second prize was two weeks of first into tuck with a ‘fast pass’; and third prize was a tub of chocolates. [Answers: Clockwise from top left; Mrs Bamforth, Biology teacher; Mr Cook, Head of Athletics; Mrs Flossie Foulis Brown, Receptionist; Miss Plowman, History teacher; Mr Starr, Modern Languages teacher; Mr Elzinga, Headmaster.]

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