Blues News Issue 46 March 2018

From Toddler to Teacher My, how they've grown! M rs Finucane’s Sixth Form tutor group ran a Toddler to Teacher competition in the Spring Term to raise money for Aldworth’s House charity, the Link Foundation. All staff members were invited to submit a photograph of themselves as a toddler, and then pupils were invited to match current photos of staff members with their toddler photos. The event raised more than £50 for the charity, and proved to be a lot of fun for both pupils and staff. First prize was a week of queue jumping into lunch with two friends; second prize was two weeks of first into tuck with a ‘fast pass’; and third prize was a tub of chocolates. The competition winner was receptionist Mrs Foulis Brown, who donated her prize to two of our stellar tour guides, Freddie Bryce and Sam Cookson. For more examples, take a look at the website: can-you-recognize/ 1 3 2 5 6 7 4 solution 1. Mrs Crossland: Geology, Head of Year 7 2. Mr Stephens: Geography, Aldworth Housemaster 3. Mr Selvester: DT, CCF Contingent Commander 4. Mr Blackburn: RS, Head of Sixth Form Academic Achievement 5. Mrs Watmough-Starkie: Assistant Director of Music, Head of Year 9 6. Mr Yates: Head of IT, Director of Middle School 7. Mr Elzinga: Headmaster Charity