Blues News Issue 46 March 2018

COMMUNITY SERVICE I n order for Blue Coat pupils to understand their role in society and build an awareness of the importance of helping people less fortunate than themselves, the School has strong links with the wider community and our students have many opportunities to engage with the world beyond our gates, both in and outside of the weekly timetable . PRIMARY PLACEMENT A group of our Sixth Form students have been working with the children at Sonning CofE Primary School, some helping the children with their Maths - and others teaching them the basics of Spanish. CARE HOME VISITS Our Year 10 boys and Year 13 girls who are involved in the Community Action activity every Thursday, had their last visit of the year at the Cedar Court Care Home, just before Christmas. The final week's activity was Christmas decoration-making, which was fun all round. Unfortunately, as this was the last visit of the year, pupils and residents alike were a little upset but also grateful for the last several weeks. The residents and staff were very impressed by the interest, politeness and energy shown by all students and we are very proud of them - Mr Clark and Mr Mellows