Blues News Issue 47 June 2018

L eavers' Day 2018 was the usual mix of craziness and exhiliration, as the Year 13 leavers took the opportunity to dress up and have fun to celebate their last normal school day, before the beginning of study leave - and A Levels. After a late breakfast and the handing out of their hoodies and yearbooks, the colourful group of pirates, wrestlers, Jedi knights, gangsters, medics (carrying the Headmaster on a stretcher), Noah and his two-by-twos, Romans, Oompa Loompas, cavemen - and more - assembled to have a group photo taken by retired Physics teacher, Mr Paul Brown. Leavers' Day was the last of a string of going-away events, including the formal Prefects' Dinner in the Buttery (right), and the Headmaster's special thank you lunch for the outgoing Heads of School, Kukua Blankson and Paddy Spiers, and Deputy Heads of School, Sophie Rainbow and James Rogers, at The French Horn restaurant in Sonning (above right). LEAVERS OUT WITH THE OLD... The Year 13s take their leave