Year 10 geologists – job done!

The Year 10 geologists set out again to complete what they started in May, having been defeated by the very thing they set out to study – the rocks at Lulworth Cove. This time, with only minor drizzle and no creaking cliffs, the students successfully mapped the Chalk, the Wealden and the Greensand from the beach. They made predictions about fluctuating sea levels throughout the Cretaceous period and gathered lithological and palaeontological data to support their findings. Having studied structural Geology in class, they were also able to apply their knowledge to the tectonic events at Stair Hole and, with the sampled material from the beach, they now have a log of data from which to base their coursework. Mrs. Crossland and Mrs. Finucane would like to thank Mr. Taylor and Mr. Jerstice for being their chauffeurs for the day and if Mr. Jerstice writes another ‘Rock themed playlist’ he can definitely come again! Well done, Year 10; you worked hard and yet again were a pleasure to spend the day with.

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